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Businesses are transforming the way they operate depending on the drastically changing situations; and so are the jobs on demand. With technology becoming stronger day by day, jobs that offer flexibility, such as those that drive the gig economy, are growing faster.


CareerNet brings to you FlexiStints, a program that helps you discover your preferred flexible job that accommodates your professional and personal goals. We are a trusted partner to companies which are looking for the best talent to fill various types of jobs— permanent jobs, contract jobs, part time jobs, remote jobs or freelance jobs to name a few.


CareerNet FlexiStints is currently open to job seekers with a minimum of 2 years of work experience. If you have a work experience of less than 2 years, hang in there, there’s something coming up for you soon.


If you want to discover a job on demand, register yourself by filling in the required details. If your skillsets get matched with the requirements of recruiter(s), your profile becomes ready for the next best job.


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You will be able to register in less than 3 minutes. The registration is device compatible and you can fill in your details from your mobile or desktop / laptop, and this is completely free of cost!

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About CareerNet

Founded in 1999, CareerNet Technologies is India’s leading talent acquisition organization, serving 1,000+ clients, fulfilling their hiring requirements across industry verticals and locations in the country.

We’re a team of 1,300+ dedicated employees working with a single mission of shaping careers of jobseekers and building teams for companies. With a presence in 8 cities, over the past 2 decades, we’ve touched the lives of 5 million job seekers in India. We conduct more than 500,000 assessments annually.


Through CareerNet FlexiStints, we are aiming to help the best talent, with a minimum of 2 years of experience, find their preferred job that would fulfil their career plans.

Why you should register for CareerNet FlexiStints

Appear in hundreds of profile searches

Companies create jobs based on the present socio-economic situations and keep a flexible outlook when hiring talent. For such specific requirements, they approach specialized recruitment companies like us to help them.


CareerNet FlexiStints has been crafted for those who submit their data diligently. In the case of matching jobs, our recruiters will personally contact you and help you navigate the hiring process.


The best part of registering with CareerNet FlexiStints is that you can expect more job opportunities than you would find when applying for advertised jobs and increase the chances of finding one, by manifold.

Increase the chances of getting the right job

There are many choices available for you to consider your next job opportunity. To get more responses from recruiters, choose your job preferences such as:


  1. Contract-based jobs: Fixed-term contracts, project-based contracts etc.

  2. Part-time jobs

  3. Freelance jobs

  4. Full-time jobs

Get free job notifications

After registration, your profile will gradually appear to those searching for candidates like you. This automated process will then enable recruiters to send you timely notifications for matching jobs. This will give you a fair idea about the progress your profile is making.


With every job alert sent by recruiters, you will be able to see their contact details, so, you can easily communicate with them.

Be the master of your professional career with CareerNet FlexiStints

Your reach gets curbed when you apply for jobs among a thousand others who have similar qualifications, job experience, and skill sets like yours. CareerNet FlexiStints offers you the space to get noticed as we provide targeted criteria for you to select what is closer to your expectations.


Go ahead and register completely free of cost and get started!

By clicking on register, you agree that you’ve read and understood the terms and conditions of CareerNet FlexiStints and wilfully accept them.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Registering for CareerNet FlexiStints does not guarantee the registrant any job offers and CareerNet Technologies carries no obligation of any job offers to any person registering for CareerNet FlexiStints

  2. CareerNet FlexiStints is valid for a period of 1 year from 1-April-2020.

  3. CareerNet Technologies reserves the right to modify the services offered under CareerNet FlexiStints and/or cancel it without prior notice.

  4. CareerNet Technologies does not charge job seekers any money in lieu of the services offered. Candidates are advised to exercise due caution in the event anyone demands money in the name of CareerNet Technologies and/or CareerNet Consulting.

  5. These policies are subject to the legal jurisdiction of Bengaluru, Karnataka

  6. Data privacy disclaimer: CareerNet Technologies does not intend to sell the information submitted by job seekers to any 3rd party. However, such information may need to be shared with companies and/or their recruitment teams to fulfil the service(s) of job search. The registrants, by submitting their details, give their explicit consent to collect and process their data in this regard.

  7. By registering for CareerNet FlexiStints, job seekers give their explicit consent to be contacted through electronic or telephonic media which includes but not limited to telephone calls, emails, text messages, WhatsApp, or any similar communication channels.

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